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Our Priorities

5 commitments to support employees and customers:
Safety, Expertise, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Eco-responsibility



At the annual meeting attended by 180 senior group managers in January 2020,
Jean-Claude Fayat, the Group’s chairman, underlined the importance of ethics in decision-making.
The French Sapin 2 law reinforced and introduced additional requirements in terms of preventing and combating corruption: these rules are necessary to build up a relationship of trust between economic stakeholders, with our customers, our suppliers and, most importantly, our staff. Ethics has been part of our Group’s development since its founding, more than 60 years ago, and has contributed to our entrepreneurial success.
Preventing corruption and fraud is a commitment I demand of all Fayat Group entities and staff.
Jean-Claude Fayat, President of Fayat Group


Whether for men, machines, buildings or infrastructure, we are committed to guaranteeing increased safety. We meet your needs with reliable and innovative solutions, which allow us make this promise.


For more than 60 years, our expertise has been recognised and in demand on both the construction and industrial markets. Our innovative and sustainable solutions allow us to meet our clients' needs and constraints.
Fayat, un Groupe d'Entrepreneurs


Based from day one on a spirit of entrepreneurship, Fayat Group is proud of and very attached to its independence. From year to year, our teams cultivate this entrepreneurial spirit that, day to day, drives our 196 subsidiaries, which are all autonomous and audacious.
Fayat Innovation Challenge


Year after year, our ability to innovate guarantees sustainable growth.

Whether smart mobility, with innovative technologies applied to transport, or modelling on construction sites (BIM), we fully integrate digital innovations and developments.

Since 2017 and our sixtieth anniversary, we have organised the Fayat Innovation Challenge. The concept? An internal challenge recognising the projects that are the most synergistic, innovative and beneficial for our clients, open to all Group entities, with the aim of converting our knowledge and expertise into added value for our clients.
Recyclage de la route


The fundamental principle of the circular economy aims to break the linear cycle of consumption of raw materials, which are increasingly hard to source, by focusing on reusing and recycling them. Based on the many existing synergies between our seven core business lines, we develop a large number of life-cycles: road, water, and construction materials. We also work on energy optimisation and green energy production: environmental responsibility is one of our business lines' key concerns. Our teams work hard every day on sustainable development and environmental responsibility.