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FAYAT is the first independent French construction Group
and world leader in road equipment

Civil Works

Who are we?

The FAYAT Group, founded in 1957 in France, operating in 170 countries thanks to the dedication of its 21,666 employees, provides innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers all over the world in the seven major activities where it has developed: Civil Works, Foundations, Building, Energy Networks, Metal, Pressure Vessels and Road Equipment .
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The Fayat group's financial equilibrium is based on the complementarity between building and civil works on the one hand and industry on the other, which provides stability in terms of both profitability and cash flow.
Fayat Energie Services Eclairage de nuit Ile de France

A Group focused on the future both with and for its clients

Involved via both our products and projects in smart housing, connected cities, 5th-generation mobility, energy transition, water management, the environment, safety, and also in health and well-being as well as culture, sports and leisure activities, we meet the challenges of society and the expectations of everyone.

Creation of the Fayat Group

A young man of 25 from Corrèze, Clément Fayat, invested in a bulldozer and created his first public works company in Libourne, near Bordeaux.


Since its creation in 1957, Fayat has continued its development and its external growth and diversification strategy. The group's success is based on a genuine entrepreneurial culture, rigorous management and extensive autonomy given to its 231 subsidiaries based in 170 countries.

The Fayat Group

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