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TRX 100%: a major tool in the success of the “100%-recycled road”

TRX 100% :
Though hot asphalt recycling has existed since the mid-80s, recycling rate never exceeded 20 to 30% before hitting 50% in the 2000s. But today, thanks to the partnership between Marini-Ermont and Eurovia, 100%-recyclable technology is used in low-volume plants.

The TRX 100% is the world's first continuous mobile asphalt plant, enabling recycling of up to 100% of asphalt aggregates. A small section of motorway in Saint-Christoly-de-Blaye (Gironde), approximately 1km-long, was fully resurfaced using the existing surface.

Apart from fully recycling existing road surface, the advantage of TRX 100% is that it eliminates a large amount of the road transport required to produce 10km of motorway, which uses 300,000 tonnes of asphalt. In other words, energy use is reduced by 20% and greenhouse gas emissions are halved.

Congratulations to Marini-Ermont’s teams for this innovation that was recognised at the 2018 Intermat Innovation Awards, which enables significant reduction of our environmental impact.

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