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Smart City by Fayat

For the design and construction of the smart city, Groupe Fayat provides innovative and sustainable solutions to meet societal and environmental challenges.

Smart city: the keys to the smart city

The term Smart City refers to a city which uses information and communications technology (ICT) to ‘enhance’ the quality of urban services while reducing costs.

The Smart City concept incorporates ICT and various network-connected physical devices to optimise the efficiency of operations and urban services and to connect with citizens.

Smart City technology enables municipal authorities to interact directly with community and urban infrastructures and to monitor the city and its development. Information and communications technology is used to improve the quality, performance and interactivity of urban services, to reduce costs and the use of resources, as well as strengthening contacts between citizens and government.

Innovation and technologie

Our engagements

Across our 7 key activities, Groupe FAYAT responds to the issues of modern and future society with innovative and sustainable solutions: our teams provide daily support to our customers for challenges such as urban planning, circular economy, energy transition, smart mobility and digital transformation.
In order to better address these key issues, we integrate digital technology in all our activities.

The Smart City by Fayat

We provide innovative solutions in the following fields:

  • Cleaning
  • Mobility
  • Equipment
  • Urban planning

We’re helping to create the city of the future with, for example, the NEXO project, which adapts communication between smart infrastructures and self-driving cars or connected vehicles, thus enabling secure exchange of V2X (Vehicle to Infrastructure) messages and safe crossing at traffic light intersections. We also create monitoring equipment for light-signalling devices, smart parking, variable message signs and traffic data-counting with the PC LYNX project, developed by FARECO.


For us, the Smart City goes hand in hand with eco-responsibility. For example, our subsidiary MATHIEU is the only French manufacturer of street sweepers! Providing municipal customers with a high level of expertise and trust, MATHIEU designs smart sweepers with on-board technology to facilitate the task of operators.

To know more about MATHIEU 

In total synergy, these sweepers are also connected to the CLEAN CITY system, designed by SEMERU. When the filling rate of street bins reaches 75%, this information, transmitted by a sensor located on the waste disposal unit (SEMERU), is sent via the CLEAN CITY solution and a waste collector is sent to empty the unit.

Clean City, the project 

SEMERU and SATELEC, two FAYAT subsidiaries, provide connected street lighting equipment and monitoring via a remote management system which handles the operation of all lighting units, in addition to managing the brightness of street lighting columns according to the level of vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Above all, it also enables real-time checking of energy consumption and breakdowns on the network.


The city of tomorrow

We contribute on a daily basis to making our cities and regions smarter and more eco-responsible. These projects facilitate co-building to provide valuable services and create the smart city of the future.

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