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Semeru, Roll-out of connected measurement campaigns

Semeru, mesures connectées

An innovative solution

For the many contracts with public-sector entities (local authorities, water boards, etc.) for studies of wastewater and stormwater management, for several years now Semeru Environnement has been carrying out measurement campaigns alongside engineering consultants, using provisional sensors installed in various facilities on existing networks to take measurements of water height or speed. Through to the end of 2019, these measurements were taken manually on campaigns that could take from four to 12 weeks.

Our teams would intervene each week on each sensor to collect the data that was recorded and carry out any maintenance of the devices that might prove necessary. They have now worked on automating these campaigns and can propose a connected solution: the sensors are connected to a GSM transmitter installed under the manhole covers and supervised by a software programme set up in the premises to collect the data in real time and identify any breakdowns.

This method is a first in this sector of activity and enables us to set ourselves apart on three points:

  • travel to the sites is reduced (environmental benefit and economic savings, fewer accidents)
  • team availability is close to 100% (quicker operations, only on faulty sensors)
  • the data is more reliable, as well as being available in real time

The solution is already in use in Sartrouville for six measurement points and in Le Mans for 90 measurement points.

The next challenge awaiting the teams will consist in setting up a campaign with 250 measurement points at the beginning of 2021 for the Paris Saclay Urban Authority.

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