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Responsible economic actors

RSE Fayat Energie Services

FAYAT ENERGY SERVICESA second report in preparation

Since 2019, Fayat Energy Services has been committed to a CSR policy built around four pillars:
• Sustainable building
• Limiting the impact on the environment
• Developing human capital
• Promoting local commitment and solidarity through action

These four pillars are broken down into 16 objectives. This policy represents a profound commitment to the future on the part of the management.

One year later, the Division carried out a review of its different scopes and published its first CSR report. The definition of targets for each scope is now continuing, as are awareness-raising efforts among staff, and this collective effort will then give rise to a second Fayat Energy Services CSR report.


Recent roll-out to the Division

The conclusions of the dedicated cross-division working group have resulted in the drafting of CSR, purchasing and environmental policies. The objectives have been set, indicators defined and the action plan is now being rolled out. It is structured around three strategic focuses: human capital, risk control and innovation. The goal is to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the different entities on these issues, share good practices and implement improvement measures.

For instance, Fayat Metal is conducting carbon assessments of the three entities in the Division – ACML, Arnaudeau, and Comete – to determine the main greenhouse gas emissions items. This approach is being rolled out more generally throughout the Division, thereby contributing to its environmental vision.

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