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PPP contract for the Lyon North Ring-Road

The LEONORD joint venture between FAYAT, SANEF and FIDEPPP2 has signed a PPP works and management contract for the Lyon North Ring-Road.

GRAND LYON metropolitan area has selected LEONORD for this contract covering the design, performance and financing of safety works along with management of the ring-road, for a total of €115 million of which €100 million is for the works phase.

The works will be carried out by Group subsidiaries RAZEL-BEC and SATELEC between early 2016 and early 2018, and will consist in bringing four tunnels up to safety standards: digging 13 emergency exits, accessibility work, smoke extraction systems, etc. The Lyon North ring-road covers 10 km, 6 km of which are tunnels. Once the work has been completed, LEONORD will manage this part of the road for 20 years.

This latest success is further proof of the FAYAT Group’s expertise in public-private partnerships and in tunnel work.

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