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A new award for Fayat Road Building division

Like in every session since the creation of "Intermat Innovation Awards" in 2000, Fayat won a medal this year for its new generation continuous asphal plant, RF 160 Neo by Marini-Ermont.

A world first in terms of energy consumption, thanks largely to our ECO-technologies (ECOdry, ECOdrive, ECOenergy, ECOstart, ECOflame and RECYCLEAN), the RF 160 Neo also stands out due to the limited environmental impacts of each component, in compliance with the requirements for sustainable road-building.
This new-generation, recycling, continuous asphalt plant, whose smart modular design allows it to be configured to meet clients' needs, is also easy and intuitive to use.
The RF 160 Neo – the latest in the range of new-generation asphalt plants – has been designed and developed by Marini-Ermont, the world leader in continuous-type hot-mix asphalt plant technology, which has marketed over 700 asphalt plants worldwide since it joined the Fayat Group in 1987.

The Marini-Ermont RF 160 Neo will be displayed as a world première during the forthcoming Intermat 2015 show – Villepinte (Paris), 20th – 25th April 2015.

Fayat is the only company which was awarded at least one medal every time, since the creation of the Intermat Innovation Awards.

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