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Marini, to provide personalized solutions to its customers

Due to the upgrading of environmental protection policies, the standards of construction and operation of asphalt production bases have been improved. Asphalt plants have shattered their traditional images and concepts. Diverse and more complex basic designs are also new to coating equipment manufacturers.
Marini Nanjing Shanghu


Marini has strong technical capabilities to meet individual customer needs, provide custom designs as well as new solutions to its Chinese customers. For this reason, a new asphalt production base in the Nanjing Shanghu industrial park illustrates this strength.

Client name: Nanjing West Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1997 with a registered capital of 250 million yuan, it belongs to the Nanjing Jiangning Transportation Construction Group. In 2020, two Marini asphalt plants will be purchased at the same time.

Equipment information: Integrated high proportion recycling machine FRT 360 + MAC 320 asphalt mixing plant (type 4000)

Project highlights: garden style factory area + warehouse style materials and design area + double mixing building

  • The cold material system is a full-storey warehouse structure, and each storage warehouse is equipped with 4 recovery ports, no chargers, no dust, energy saving and environmental protection, and automatic feeding ;
  • The material in the storage warehouse adopts automatic distribution by conveyor belt.
  • The conveyor unloads the stone material into the storage hopper and lifts it to the top of the storage warehouse by belt conveyor. According to the particle size, it is unloaded in different warehouses to realize automatic distribution
  • Two asphalt mixing stations on the same production workshop, a central control room, a single asphalt heating system storage workshop;
  • The production base is designed as an entire factory.
  • The equipment and storage bins are fully enclosed with a steel structure, no smoke and dust overflow, and there are smoke and dust handling equipment inside, and indicators for emission of air pollutants are better than national standards.

Equipment highlights: Marini FRT360 high proportion all-in-one recycling machine

  • The overall structure design is optimized, the regeneration chute is eliminated and the recycled materials are fed into the mixing pot vertically.
  • Compared to traditional recycling equipment, the sticking of recycled materials and equipment wear are reduced;
  • The 14 meters long recycled drum can realize gentle heating of recycled materials and produce high quality recycled materials; with 6 Dun mixing pots, large capacity device and high proportion of recycled material provides additional protection, overall production capacity of up to 400T / H
  • The proportion of regeneration addition can be from 0% to 70% to maximize resource reuse;
  • In addition to the basic functions of spices, but also the flexibility to configure various ancillary equipment, to diversify asphalt production.

When the project is completed, it will be one of the largest asphalt production bases in the Nanjing suburb, contributing to road construction and urban development around Nanjing. It will also become one of the demonstration projects of a new generation of asphalt mix production base.

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