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MARINI-ERMONT unveils EXPLORER new concept during Bauma Munich

MARINI-ERMONT presents its new, patented concept of transferable and hyper transferable asphalt plants
EXPLORER, a hypermobile and hyper-transferable asphalt plant
MARINI-ERMONT is introducing EXPLORER, a new patented hyper-transferable asphalt plant concept unique in the world, based on containers with onboard intelligence, designed to meet the mobility needs of its customers by ensuring competitiveness and reactivity.

For this world premiere of the concept, the whole MARINI-ERMONT experience is brought into play to offer an unprecedented asphalt plant, easily transferable anywhere worldwide, with or without a crane or civil engineering thanks to its smart container concept, without compromising on the quality of the asphalt.

The supertransferable concept can be transferred by road, train or boat and thus is THE economical solution for long-distance transfers.

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