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Jean-Claude Fayat, president of Evolis

Resulting from the rapprochement between the unions Cisma and Profluid, Evolis is a new generation structure, serving its members, in the movement and efficiency, focused on capital goods.

The project of rapprochement between Cisma and Profluid was born from a fact: like many other post-war trade union organizations, the two entities saw their roles evolve without their internal structures following suit. The main objective that led to the creation of Evolis is therefore to move forward, to gain momentum within the ecosystem and towards members as well as all stakeholders and to be more effective to be more sustainable. It is also about increasing the number of members, to be more visible and therefore more listened. Finally, the goal is to gain attractiveness among young talent, whose first choice in career guidance is not "spontaneously", directed to these trades.


As Jean-Claude Fayat, president of Evolis, points out, the professional organization, ETI and French SMEs that are successful all over the world, intends to position itself differently. It must reflect the evolution of its actions, its businesses and its members ".



Les objectifs d'EVOLIS


Defend the interest of the profession in France and abroad


Make your voice heard and promote your know-how to all stakeholders and new generations



 Bring together

Rally a network of professionals from your


Track information, decode developments and ensure your skills

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