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Fayat Group’s health and well-being projects:

Fayat Group subsidiaries have worked on a range of healthcare projects in 2018: they have built no fewer than 3 health centres, in all 4 corners of France.

The first project was the COURLANCY clinic, near BEZANNES, one of the first private clinics in France, which welcomes patients from the North-East quarter of France and the Ile-de-France region for all types of treatment. With a capacity of 470 beds, combining three clinics currently located in the city centre on a single sit, it is based in the suburbs of Reims, near major transport links. This project was managed by CARI Bâtiment.

The second project is the Melun Health Centre in Seine-et-Marne. This project was built for the Southern Ile-de-France Hospital Group (Groupe Hospitalier Sud Ile de France - GHSF) and the Saint Jean l’Ermitage Clinic and started to welcome its first patients in spring 2018. With 734 beds and nearly 2,300 healthcare professionals working at a cutting-edge technical facility, this project proposes a comprehensive range of services but also better working conditions on specially-designed premises. This project was managed by Nord France Constructions.

Finally, the construction of the PAOLI CALMETTES Institute, a cancer centre. Its main activity is treating haematological cancers. The institute has performed more than 7,000 bone marrow transplants, the highest number in Europe. The project was managed according to the French Public Health Code to design and build a haematological building with laboratories and 80 rooms, including 60 “sterile” ones. This institute was built by Fayat Bâtiment.


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