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Fayat Group Committed to Taking On COVID-19

For several weeks now, the whole world has been in the throes of an utterly unprecedented crisis – a health, economic and social crisis at one and the same time. Fayat Group is present in many countries and is constantly adapting to developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, always with the health and safety of its staff as its overriding priority.

Commitment has long been one of our three values (along with autonomy and audacity) and it has taken on more meaning than ever before in these times of crisis.
marini china

Commitment to our people (1/2)

The Group and its subsidiaries are doing everything in their power to guarantee the safety and hygiene conditions necessary to allow a gradual resumption of activity, whether in our plants or on worksites. In China, for example, where the Group has activities, the plant of our Marini China subsidiary was able to reopen on 11 February, further to local government approval, thanks to the prevention measures enforced by the teams.

Commitment to our people (2/2)

The growing digitalisation of our activities is also allowing us to stay connected, to keep in touch both internally and with our clients and partners.
As an example, we can mention Fayat Energy Services rolling out a Sharepoint platform to share sports and solidarity initiatives, along with e-learning modules.
secmair live

Commitment to our clients (1/2)

This period like no other is also an opportunity to devise new initiatives to stay in touch with our clients and partners via webinar training sessions, virtual meetings and others. For example, Secmair is organising a live broadcast on Facebook every Wednesday and Friday at 11am, to share knowledge on road maintenance.


Olympia Odos, a major Greek motorway concession operator, found itself obliged to close most of its manual toll payment stations in favour of 24/7 automatic terminals supplied by Fareco. Extensive repair work was required urgently but the operation was completed within ten days, allowing the client to operate its automatic toll stations smoothly over the coming weeks.

Fayat power

Commitment to our fellow citizens (1/2)

The Fayat Group is also committed to providing solutions in this time of crisis. Particular thanks go to all those working each day to ensure service continuity.

Examples include:
- the teams at Fayat Power (Fayat energy services division) working on maintaining the electricity grid,
- the staff at Satelec (Fayat energy services division) ensuring public service continuity by delivering 41 new intensive care beds to the Henri-Mondor University Hospitals Group in the Paris region

Commitment to our fellow citizens (2/2)

But they are also:
- the personnel at Fayat Fondations addressing the shortage of masks for healthcare personnel by making a donation to the nearest hospital.
- our subsidiary Dynapac in Sweden has taken the initiative to manufacture face protection visors using a 3D printer. It distributes 10-12 visors a day to the local hospital, which is in desperate need of them.


And indirectly, let us also pay tribute to the cleaning agents who use our street sweepers to disinfect and keep our cities clean, to the hospital staff and Ephad who work in the facilities we are even more proud to have built: THANK YOU to all of you for taking care of us. 

Our ability to be resilient is based on our commitment and our spirit of solidarity, demonstrated by our employees, our customers and partners and all those who work every day.


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