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Many municipalities are introducing significant measures to reduce noise and environmental disturbances in their towns. In Paris, the Sepur cleaning company has taken delivery of its first all-electric, super-silent and emission-free Ravo 5 eSeries sweeper.
ballet 100% électrique Ravo 5 eSeries Fayat

All-electric ballet in Paris

Sepur has been cleaning public spaces in Paris and the surrounding area for half a century. “Our priority each day is to find sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life for the people who live there: reducing CO2 emissions and noise pollution is a part of that,” says one of the team.

By opting for the all-electric RAVO 5 eSeries sweeper, Sepur has chosen not only the most sustainable solution for cleaning the urban environment, but also a tried-and-tested technology that has shown its quality and reliability.

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