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DYNAPAC paves the way in Kiel

The jobsite was located on the grounds of the Scandinavia quay in Kiel, Germany. In order to make the railway access also suitable for vehicles, the area between the railway tracks needed to be paved.
dynapac kiel compacteur

A successful project

For this job the Dynapac compact paver F1200 was the ideal paver thanks to its compact dimensions meaning that the paver fits in the area between the tracks ideally. For compacting the newly paved area between the railway tracks the Dynapac small asphalt tandem roller CC1200 was used.

This compact roller was selected because of its ideal size and easy maneuverability between the tracks.

In addition to the compact paver, also the Dynapac large paver SD2500CS was used. It was the first time the Dynapac SD2500CS was used by the Dynapac client assigned to this job. After only a short introduction, the paving crew felt confortable with the controls of the big machine and started paving the bigger areas.

For the compaction of those bigger areas, the Dynapac pivot asphalt roller CG2300 was used. Since the jobsite was not suitable for trucks, both pavers were fed by an excavator, which was driving on the tracks.

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