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The 2021 Tour de France drew to a close this weekend, with Slovenia’s Tadej Pogacar winning for the second year running.

The two penultimate stages, between Mourenx and Saint-Emilion, put the FAYAT Group bang in the spotlight through the involvement of our CEO and the media coverage of this sports competition, which is widely reported on worldwide.

During stage nineteen between Mourenx and Libourne, Jean-Claude Fayat was awarded the “Maillot Jaune des Entrepreneurs” (i.e. entrepreneurs’ yellow jersey). This programme was set up by LCL bank, one of Le Tour’s partners, to showcase a local economic stakeholder during every stage along the route.

In an interview shared on social networks, Jean-Claude Fayat took the opportunity to present the Group and its values, as well as underlining its strong attachment to the town of Libourne, its historic home.

The next day, it was over to Château La Dominique (Vignobles Clément Fayat) to take centre stage during the individual time trial organised between Libourne and Saint-Emilion, which saw the racers speed past our vineyards.

We are a Group of engineers by both nature and birth.
Jean-Claude FAYAT
  • Jean-Claude Fayat (Group CEO) and Jean Ghedira (LCL Communications & Sponsorship Manager and General Secretary), at the Maillot Jaune des Entrepreneurs awards ceremony ©LCL

A second interview with Jean-Claude Fayat was published in French magazine L’Equipe, promoting the common values shared by the Group and competitors in this particularly popular event.

Check out the full article, written by Catherine Malaval (Agence Neotopics):

  • Jean-Claude Fayat_Maillot Jaune des entrepreneurs (pdf, 630.74 KB)

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