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Our divisions in action
Environmental challenges, engagement with and towards staff, responding to our partners’ expectations: CSR is central to the life of our companies. The measures rolled out in each of them are increasingly part of a structured approach within our divisions.
Although this process has been underway for many years in a large number of our companies, this move towards structuring at division level is a new shift, allowing each company to adapt the policy in line with its own strategic choices.

RAZEL-BEC, A commitment since 2013

On the strength of the resolutely humanist values that have guided its history, Razel-Bec, with the support of the Management, has structured its policy in such a way that its employees, clients, partners and other stakeholders can engage together in practical action in the field in favour of the environment, safety, staff development and also the development of the territories in which the company conducts its business

Internationally, for example, Razel-Bec is committed to ensuring sustainable local employment, with 92% of recruitments being made close to our worksites. The employees are trained in new skills and measures are implemented to facilitate access to decent living conditions for local populations (access to water, education, culture, etc.). In 2019, the company enabled 5,932 employees and their families to benefit from welfare cover on export markets.

FAYAT BATIMENT, The environment the priority

In September 2020, the Fayat Building Division published the second edition of its CSR brochure, setting out all the aspects of its policy and the key measures it has implemented. Taking up the environmental challenge is a priority, especially as this also has an impact on relations with regional stakeholders. For example, as Seg-Fayat CEO Franck Winkel explains, the CSR process rolled out by the company from 2016 in South-West France is now an integral part of its corporate policy on sustainable development and its improvement process

Obviously, the aim of our approach was to combine developing our company and preserving the environment, which takes on all its meaning in the current context. We therefore set ourselves “virtuous” targets for involvement in sustainable construction and engagement in the life of our local territories. Our managerial policy was also a particular focus in terms of health and safety, training, and careers development for our staff. Today we share these challenges more than ever before, as well as pride in everything we have achieved and a determination to assert our commitment even further.
Franck Winkel

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