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Bec Construction Languedoc-Roussillon: the PRISM project, a first step

After more than a year of negotiations, our teams were selected to handle the general contracting on the PRISM project, a combined project that is the first step in the creation of Montpellier’s new “République” urban development zone.

BEC Construction Languedoc Roussillon

The project

Designed by the architect Nicolas Michelin and jointly developed by Kaufman & Broad / Pégase Immobilier, PRISM will feature three sets of business premises, 4,100m2 of office space and 168 fourth- to thirteenth-floor housing units. The project also features a unique two-level multi-storey parking facility. The seven central stairwells from which the housing units fan out provide direct access to the central section, featuring a range of overhanging gardens - wild, shared, private and public. Cladding, set stones, stained walls, etc. will decorate the frontages of the six new buildings.


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