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BARDON Group and FAYAT Group confirm their coming together

The BARDON Group is coming together with the FAYAT Group, via its FAYAT Bâtiment Division, by acquiring an interest in its development/construction division.
This coming together enables the Fayat Bâtiment division to strengthen its presence in France’s Greater West region and develop its real-estate project setup activity.

National challenges

BARDON Group is a Rennes-based family-owned firm founded in 1988 and managed by the son of its founder, Vincent Bardon, complete with all the necessary turnkey real-estate project skills - from design to delivery. BARDON Group is currently growing strongly and its sales rose from €40m to €50m between 2018 and 2019 as a result of its nationwide extension. Previously present only in the Greater West region, the BARDON Group, which is also involved in real-estate development (Bardon Investissement, €150m in assets) is currently seeing increasing demand from its regular customers all across France.

groupe bardon

A beneficial coming together

This is the context in which FAYAT Group bought into the capital of the BARDON Group’s property development division (BARDON Promotion) and construction division (Espace Engineering) in April 2018, not only boosting the company’s financial strength but also safeguarding its independence. This means that Espace Engineering, the cornerstone of the BARDON Group, can continue to operate in the same way and work with its regular partners, maintaining full control and independence when selecting sub-contractors and suppliers.

This coming together strengthens the financial solidity of Espace Engineering and Bardon Promotion and boosts their nationwide development. It also contributes to the continued development of the FAYAT Group and its Bâtiment Division nationwide, by strengthening its presence in France’s Greater West region, and adds to the services of its SOMIFA subsidiary, a real-estate programme setup specialist.

  • Le Groupe BARDON et le Groupe FAYAT annoncent leur rapprochement (pdf, 1.12 MB)

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