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In Africa, Razel-Bec works for people's access to water

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In Africa, Razel-Bec works for people's access to water

Through construction sites, RAZEL-BEC is committed to sustainable development and access to water:
In Cameroon, in the village of Foulassi, 3 wells have been built and made available to the populations living near the Nkometou quarry. In the villages of Maka and Maka II, RAZEL has completed 2 drillings, with a depth of 80 m.
In the Congo, work to extend Brazzaville drinking water networks has started recently.
In the Comoros and Ivory Coast, Razel-Bec will work to provide access to drinking water in various cities through treatment plants and water treatment plants.

These different achievements are part of the Fayat Group's desire to meet an essential need, Water.

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